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Form Filling Jobs

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Online Form Filling Jobs is one of the easiest Home Jobs one can have today. The form filling jobs, as the name itself indicates you've to purely fill the online forms with specific details given to you. Today internet has become one of the vast market for webmasters. Daily Millions of People visits websites and fill different types of forms like registration forms, job forms, etc.

What's the exact use of this form filling Jobs?
Today on internet there are Millions of websites, & each are fighting the competition to get on the top. For example, if you are having a website on music cd's, and want to be on top of the search engine you need to beat the competitor sites. For this webmasters are paying money like anything to get on the top. They just want their websites on top, & they pay you anything. However you don't have to worry about thinking on how to put all these, its all handled by us.

We undertake all these jobs from webmasters. Daily we get a minimum of 1500+ requests from webmasters & atleast 500+ orders from webmasters for their websites. At present more than 2500+ Jobs are in Queue with us. We really need someone to do our form filling Jobs. Yes we give you only the form filling part & nothing more or else. A form filling is as simple as you fill a form for opening a email account on yahoo, Google or any other site.

For each website, our optimizing department have to work on more than 64 sub projects & Form Filling is one among them. In form filling part we have to fill atleast 5000 to 10,000 forms for each website, however it defers from site to site and webmasters requirements. Some webmasters ask for atleast 50,000+ form filling and that to in a single month. Like wise there are thousands of websites. To complete all these tasks, a heavy manpower is required.

Form Filling is not the only thing, we need to complete their Job work in time. The Job work is very simple, you will be provided with all the forms more than 25000+, form matters & form filling software. you can complete any no. of forms in a single day, and using form filling software you can do the same in seconds. 




  1. Is there any Age limit to start with this job?
    Yes, Minimum Age required to take part is 18Yrs.

  2. What are the basic requirements to get started?
    Candidate should have a computer or else can work from any cyber café.
    Internet connection is required.
    Basic knowledge of operating computer, surfing internet, opening websites etc.

  3. What exactly is this form filling job?
    This form filling job is very easy. Daily we get millions of form filling orders from different companies. We give the list of all forms & details which you have to input in those forms. You can fill as many forms as you can. Normally it takes less than a 1 minute to fill each form. We also provide you with form filling software using which you can fill the forms in less than 1 second with Just a click.

  4. How long one form will be and how much time it will take to submit the form?
    Each form will be of one page only, similar to what you fill regularly on internet like opening an E-mail account. Normally it takes at the most 1 Minute to fill a single form, However using our Form Filling Software it will hardly take 2-3 seconds only to fill 95% of the form. Form filling software will be provided free of cost to you. Daily you can fill more than 2000+ forms using our software. The software is very easy to use.

  5. Is there any limitation for the no. of forms I submit daily?
    Here, we have 4 different working plans Ranging from 1500 Forms to 4500 Form Submission. Plans has been categorized into Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum. To Know more about these working plans
    click here >>

  6. How much do I get for filling a single form?
    Payments are made as per the plan you select. Higher the plan - Higher Income. To get paid in any of the plan, every month a minimum of 500 forms has to be filled. To Know more about the payment structure 
    click here >> 

  7. What's the procedure of doing form filling job?
    The Job is very simple, As soon as you get registered with us, within 24hrs. your job work will be activated in My Account under Premium Paid Jobs. You will get your Job details along with full instructions on how to proceed on for the job and forms and their contents.
    You will get List of Online Forms, and details which you have to input in forms, + Form Filling Software. Just open each form on internet browser, input the details as instructed by us & click the submit button.

  8. Do I've to make any further payment while filling the forms?
    No. You don't have to pay any further pay while submitting the forms. After submitting your Job is over.

  9. How you'll know that I've submitted the online form?
    Once you submit the form, it gets uploaded on our server for checking. On an average a single form filling job should not take more than 30-45 seconds.

  10. How many Forms do I've to fill every month to get paid?
    To get paid for any of the plan, every month a minimum of 500 Forms has to filled from you side. If you submit less than 500 Forms than you won't be paid for that particular month. However work and earning will be carry forwarded to the next month.

  11. What if I don't work for a particular month or submit less than 500 forms, will my account be terminated?
    If you won't work or submit less than 500 forms for 2 consecutive months, than your account will be terminated.

  12. Will I get paid if I submit less than 500 forms in a particular month?
    No you won't be paid anything for a particular month if you submit less than 500 forms, however valid earning for that particular month will be carry forwarded to next month.

  13. How to use the form filling software and How its going to help in my work?
    Form Filling software is very easy, first install it on your PC. Input all the basic details which you regularly have to input in forms. You can create pre-filled forms using software one time and can use the same for all forms with just a click. You can create thousands of Forms and can use them for any no. of times. You can fill forms more faster and quicker using this software.

  14. Is it compulsory to submit a particular no. of forms in a day?
    No. we are not concerned about how many forms you fill in a particular day, whether you fill '0' or '100' forms, it doesn't matter. But by the end of the particular month, minimum forms submitted should be atleast 500.

  15. Is there any type of accuracy that's going to counted or checked on each form I submit?
    No. there is no accuracy, but each form should be submitted as per the details given from our side. If you submit forms with wrong details that form will not be counted.

  16. When I'm going to get my monthly payments?
    We release all payments every month between 7th and 15th. Resent of payment is done on 22nd of the same month.

  17. What's the mode of receiving payment for the completed Job work?
    You'll get your monthly payment as per the payout mode you selected in registration form or as per the payout method you selected in My Account section. You can change the payout method anytime before 30th of any month.

    Payout Period : Payout are sent every month between 7-15th and repayment is done every month on 22nd if you didnt received payment in time. 

  18.  Is there any type of tax that's going to be deducted?
    No we won't be deducting any type of tax from your income. You have to consult your CA or Tax consultant regarding any type of tax exists on this type of income in your country.

  19. If I've any problem whom should I contact?
    For any type of Query regarding this Job, you can contact us using our contact us page or through our Live Chat Support.

  20. Ok, that's fine & now I'm ready to do this Online Form Filling Job, what's the procedure?
    1. Good, believe us you took the right decision. To get started first you have to select any of the 4 work plans by paying a Non Refundable Registration Fees of - 

      Refer this link  Job Plan/Payout tab above >> 

      This Registration fees is one time and non-refundable, which includes your daily account maintenance, connection with online server of company, daily uploading of your work files & for preparation of monthly Accuracy report. The amount is totally non refundable & non transferable to any other business program or product/services available on our site. After receiving the registration fees, particular job will be activated in your My Account Section it normally takes 24hrs or sometimes within few hrs only.

      Please make sure to check our email in your bulk/junk/spam email box too. Also in some cases activation of job work may take more than 48hrs, in such cases we request you not to get panic. It happens sometimes because of national holidays, server down, too many activations etc.

    Joining Steps

    1. First step is to register on our site by clicking the Register Tab/Link. Enter all the valid details. Once you complete all the 3 steps of registration, you will redirected to My Account Page, here you can find your Customer Id/Account Id. Your customer id/Account id is very important and is required for any type of query, help, chat, conversation you've with us.
    2. Now next step is to make registration fees for the respective job. First select the job plan which you want to by clicking the   Job Plan/Payout tab above >> 
    3. You can make payment to any of the bank accounts given in payment option page either through fund transfer, cash deposit, cheque deposit etc. International customer should make payment through Bank Wire Tansfer
    4. Once you make payment, last step is to inform us about this payment in below format :-
      Your Rackspace Customer / Account Id:
      Your Name:
      Your Email Address Registered on this site:
      Amount Paid:
      Date of payment:
      In which Bank Deposited/Transfered:
      Job Name:
      Plan Name:

      If you have counter slip of cash deposit or cheque deposit that also you can send as attachment. 

      All above details you have send us using our contact us page. Select Fund Transfer / Payment Sent from Category dropdown. In message box mention all details as per above format and submit it. Once we receive your details and once its confirmed, job work will be activated. You will get activation email, after that just login to this site, enter to my account section, click the particular job name under Premium Paid Jobs and start. Activation of job normally takes less than 24hrs.

Job Plan & Cost

Plan Structure Bronze Plan Silver Plan Gold Plan Platinum Plan
Processing Fees Offer Price $ 100 USD
$ 199 USD
Offer Price $ 108 USD
$ 229 USD
Offer Price $ 117 USD
$ 279 USD
Offer Price $ 125 USD
$ 299 USD
Minimum Forms Per Month 500 500 500 500
Maximum Forms Per Month 1500 2500 3500 4500
Amount Per Form - Based on No. of Forms Submitted
Between [0-500] $ 0.11 USD $ 0.13 USD $ 0.16 USD $ 0.2 USD
Above [501+] $ 0.13 USD $ 0.16 USD $ 0.2 USD $ 0.23 USD
Minimum Payout Per Month $ 55 USD $ 65 USD $ 80 USD $ 100 USD
Maximum Payout Per Month $ 195 USD $ 400 USD $ 560 USD $ 1035 USD
Contract Period 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months


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